Waterless Composting toilet.

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Airhead Waterless Compost Toilet 'A' Airhead Waterless Compost Toilet 'A'
'A' crank side
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Airhead Waterless Compost Toilet 'A-ST' Airhead Waterless Compost Toilet 'A-ST'
'A' crank side with sloped tank
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Airhead Waterless Compost Toilet 'B' Airhead Waterless Compost Toilet 'B'
'B' crank side
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Airhead Waterless Compost Toilet 'B-ST' Airhead Waterless Compost Toilet 'B-ST'
'B' crank side with sloped tank
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The perfect toilet for mobile applications!

NO odour 
NO through hulls or discharge pipes
NO pump out stations required.
NO Chemicals
NO Water - No Flush
NO environmental impact
Turning waste into compost in 3-4 months - AIRHEAD is a better way to go!

Specifically designed for boats, yachts, houseboats. 

Also perfect for Caravans, Fifth Wheelers, Mobile Homes, Cabins, Horse floats ...

How it works.

The Airhead is a dry toilet, which means it separates liquids from solids, so the volume of waste is significantly reduced and odour is eliminated. With a combination of agitation, desiccation and decomposition, solid matter is rendered non-offensive inside the large tank. The simple and efficient composting system turns the solid waste into compost in just a few months, ready to be dug into the garden, put into a larger compost system, or tipped down a commercial composting toilet.

The unit has an integral 12 volt fan (.06 amp) that provides a constant negative pressure to pull moisture from the tank and provide air flow that aids in the composting process. The fan can be direct wired into the 'house' battery system. Alternatively, a solar vent can be purchased separately to provide independant power, or an AC adaptor will easily convert for 240 volt use. Day/Night Solar Vent. Please note: external weather cover for fan is not included. If using the Solar Day/Night vent, this will provide weather cover. 

The Airhead will hold approximately 60 uses, providing 2 people with one months continual use or 3 months weekend use. When used intermittently, it may take much longer before emptying is required. Each time you return, you will find that the volume has greatly reduced (composted) and the capacity is increased.

Much like a household toilet the Airhead has a bowl and an actuator which provides a waterless ‘flush’. A paper bowl liner acts as a carrier for solid matter on its way to the solids tank and keeps the bowl clean.
Liquids are collected in the smaller forward tank which can be emptied into any standard commode. The liquid tank will hold approximately 10 litres (2-3 days use for 2 people).

The compact design makes the Airhead ideal for tight spaces.
And the standard household size seat ensures personal comfort!

Why choose Airhead composting toilet?

It is illegal to pump out toilet effluent overboard. 
​An Airhead marine composting toilet is a fraction of the price of a holding tank & easier to install! 

Depending on use, recreational users may never need to empty their composting bin. Live-aboards will need to empty it after every 60 uses - so for 2 people, that's once a month! But best of all, no holding tank means:
- No pump out station required
- No smelling hoses and pipes to replace or unblock
- No maintenance - except adding a new peat brick when emptying is required

There’s no need to modify your boat or caravan for installation of the Airhead, because installation is simple:
- Bolt the unit to the floor
- Provide vent to the outside
- Connect the 12 volt fan to a power source.

The Airhead uses no moving rubber parts and all components are environmentally stable, so it is likely that no maintenance other than emptying and external cleaning will be required for years. 

Click here to download Airhead installation instructions. 
Click here to download Venting Options.

Click here to see why you should choose Airhead.




Airhead is the ONLY Marine Composting Toilet with -

• Seals under seat & lid - suits shower/toilet combination
• Separate seat and lid (NOT part of the toilet bowl mould) which means men can lift the seat and stand to 'pee'.
• Wood Composite (white) seat and lid - durable and comfortable!
• Fully sealed solids tank - no need to expose solids when urine tank is emptied
• Small footprint - 480mm x 470mm; even smaller (480mm x 370mm) if rachet is used instead of crank handle
• Fan is mounted on roof to pull air through the system, providing more efficient air circulation.
• Roof mounting of fan housing allows for optional stand alone solar vent for fan operation. Day/Night Solar Vent
• Consumables included: 1 Coir Peat and 50 Bowl Liners included in purchase price.

Crank Side:
Choose 'A' (left side when facing) or 'B' (right side when facing) when ordering.

Sloped Tank option:
For marine  installations against the side of the hull, there is an option of a sloped base solids tank.
Choose 'A' crank side - Sloped tank or 'B' crank side - Sloped tank when ordering.
This options is not always in stock. Please contact us to make sure before ordering.



470mm including clearance for crank handle

Can be reduced to 370mm by using the crank handle rachet fitting (optional extra)

Depth 480mm
Height - seat up 880mm
Height - seat closed 500mm
Construction Heavy duty Roto Mounlded high density resin (6mm thick solids tank)
Fittings Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Seals Rubber seals ensure pleasant service - even in shower/head combo
Seat Polypropelene - full size household size with rubber seal
Fan 0.06 amp 12v DC
Vent Hose 1.5m  x 50mm with inline insect screen for easy maintenance and cleaning
Included: Urine bottle, with capacity indicator window
  Vented storage lid for solids tank
  50 bowl liners
  1 coir peat brick and compost enzyme for start-up
  Assembly & operating instructions

Crank Side 
- choose when ordering

'A' = Left side when facing; right when seated

'B' = Right side when facing; left when seated

Not Included:  External weather cover for fan.


5 Year manufacturers warranty on all parts except fan.

Fan has 3 month warranty.

Airhead in Off-Road van

By: on 3 October 2020
We ordered and received our Airhead Composting Toilet in good time and were looking forward to installing it, however, our Off-road Hybrid Caravan did take a little longer due to Covid-19. We did a lot of research prior to purchasing the Airhead and decided it would suit our needs as we are mainly off grid for up to 4 weeks at a time in some remote areas of Western Australia. Water is our number one priority and is a limited resource when camping remotely. We asked Southern Cross Campers if they could provide the Hybrid Van with the Airhead, but unfortunately it was not an option. As a result, we decided to leave the cassette toilet out of the shower toilet cubical and decided to go with and install the Airhead ourselves. I have a few handyman skills and found the Airhead easy enough to install into the area that the cassette toilet would normally fit. We were a little sceptical, as many of the reviews stated there was little or no odour. After using the toilet, I can say we are pleasantly surprised that there is no odour. Our experience in using the Airhead has many positives over the conventional cassette toilet that would have been the standard install for our van. • No water is used or wasted. • No chemicals to buy, carry, or dispose. • Odour free use. • Easy disposal • Extended time between disposal We are extremely happy we made the choice to install the Airhead Composting Toilet into our Hybrid Off-road Van.

Air Head Composting toilet

By: on 13 August 2020
This is a great unit: easy to clean with a compact, modern design. The unit was easy to install and works well.

Composting toilet [Airhead] in a campervan

By: on 1 August 2016
We installed an Airhead in our Sprinter medium wheelbase campervan a few years ago and have nothing but praise for it. We do a lot of bush camping so emptying the urine bottle is no problem, and the solids tank is emptied only every three or so months, usually when we get home, and usually before it's needed. It's never more than half full. Living at such close quarters with the toilet, we were apprehensive about smell, but trusted the staff when they promised it would be OK. Good call! The only time we had a problem with smell or compost flies, was our own fault, in early days when in our ignorance, we put too much liquid into the holding tank. We started again, and have had no probs since. The airhead has spent a lot of time on holiday on the east coast, but for the past two years has lived continually in Isa, NW Queensland and Townsville, through the wet and the dry. At no time have we had smell issues. The unit has never malfunctioned, partly because it's so basic, and partly because it's well engineered. We really can't fault it. Must admit though, you do feel pretty smug watching the midnight 'walk of shame' as the cassettes get trundled off to the stinking dump point!

Extremely happy live-aboard.

By: on 19 July 2016
Installed the Airhead 3 yrs ago on our Phantom 32 and I am extremely happy, such a simple solution.Pretty much living on board full time now. I still get funny looks from people when I tell them about our system yet they all remark about how clean our boat smells.

Airhead passes the 'no odour' test!

By: on 19 July 2016
Installing my Air Head was easier than I expected. And amazingly, the system is working as advertised! We purchased our Air Head from Australian distributor A Better Way To Go in August 2010, for our 32 ft yacht and pondered the process of installation for some months. I was a little nervous about closing off the through hulls. But my main reservation was would it really be odourless? I had read the reviews and researched the product as best I could – but something inside my head just couldn’t believe that the system would not smell! After all – it was going to contain our excrement, in close proximity to us. Forgive me for being a sceptic. Finally the family were putting the pressure on and Christmas holidays were fast approaching and we all wanted to be free of the land based toilet systems – so the time came to ‘bite the bullet’ and just get the thing installed! The first challenge was to remove the old head. As it turned out, this was the hardest part. But I can cheerfully say that getting rid of the smelly toilet pipes was a relief. No matter how often I replaced them in the past, they always eventually emitted an unpleasant odour. Once removed, I closed the through hull valves and plugged the cocks with timber plugs for piece of mind. They will be removed when we next slip her. I had made a decision to replace the Air Head fan with a solar fan. The manufacturer recommends that the fan runs 24/7. I wanted to be able to turn the power off when we leave, so a solar fan with a back-up battery seemed to be the most practical and economical solution. I was able to purchase this from A Better Way To Go so it seemed a good move to get everything from the one supplier. After checking the position for the floor brackets, I wanted to check the position of the solar fan on the deck. This took some brain power from my wife and I. We measured and calculated where to drill the hole so that the solar vent would sit clear of other bits on the forward deck. I didn’t have a hole cutter large enough, so once we were sure of the location, I cut the hole from the outside, using a jigsaw. To our combined elation, the hole was in the right spot on the inside – so divorce was avoided! This allowed the flexible vent hose to be run up through a cupboard and mostly obscured from view. All that remained was for the cowling to be fitted over the vent inlet and the hose into the side of the Air Head. 4 Stainless steel screws secured the floor brackets and the job was done. The next stage was setting the unit up for use. One peat brick in a bucket of warm water reconstituted in about 4 hours. It was surprisingly dry – that is, it took up all of the 4 1/2 litres of water and looked just like a bucket of potting mix. Getting the potting mix into the solids tank within the confines of the shower/head, without making a huge mess was a challenge, overcome by my wife refashioning a 2 litre milk container to use as a shovel (same thing we use in our son’s dinghy as a bailer!). Of course, we could have filled the tank in the cockpit and saved all this! The toilet still had to be used to allay my concerns about odour. But no one was willing to be the guinea pig – just yet! So we left the boat for a few weeks still unconvinced, returning for a long weekend of sailing in November. This was our planned final weekend to set everything up for Christmas. 2 adults and 2 teenagers later – the Air Head is in use and completely odourless. The final test was when we returned on the 27th December for our much anticipated holiday. And I have to say, there was no smell on board. It is true that 4 people fill the urine bottle in about 2 days. But it is a simple task to empty. And we are finding that the vent is so efficient in removing excess moisture that we need to add about a cup of water to the solids tank whenever we return. This is probably because we are only onboard every couple of months. I think this would not be a problem if we were living aboard or returning more often. It has now been 6 months and we are yet to empty the solids tank. The composting is so efficient, the contents are greatly reduced each time we return. I’m wondering when we will need to do this – so thankfully it may be 12 months before I need to contemplate this procedure! January 2012 Update: Just thought your readers might be interested to know (!) that we have just emptied our Airhead after 13 months. We were all set for an unpleasant task - but I am pleased and amazed to report that the process was ODOURLESS and very easy! What a relief! And the new 'mix' was easy to prepare and we were 'back in business' in a few hours. (Just had to wait for the peat to re-constitute.) Thanks for a terrific system.

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