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NEW! Green2go JUST WEE Concentrate- FOR WHEN ONLY URINE IS PRESENT!A highly concentrated, powerful, organic treatment for URINE in all porta-pottie...
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Customer installations

18 Feb 2012 1:33 PM -

Follow the links to customers who recently installed an Airhead.

Jeff Graham:

Wendy Smith:


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Air Head lives up to expectation!

Hi Carol.......its been a long time but have finally installed and now used the Air Head .....had many other projects and problems on the boat so the head installation slipped down the priority list somewhat. But as I expected, the unit has tru...

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Airhead - one year in.

30 Sep 2013 9:21 AM - Jonathan C.

Comment: We installed an Airhead in our 24ft yacht about 2 years ago with a solar vent fan and have not done anything since other than use it and leave it.  Amazing.  We are about to kick off another summer of intermittent weekends on the boat and at last visit and crank of the handle, the Airhead was just about empty. Amazing. Do we need to do anything to get it go going again in readiness for summer boating?

Love your product. Its all we expected it would be and more.

Answer: We find that with intermittent use, a tank will last for 14-18 months. And even then, we are only emptying the tank so that the system can be refreshed with new coir peat brick. Remember to add some compost starter if you wash out the tank.

Our latest tip:We have recently launched a new organic bio-bacterial product range, (our very own!) called Green2go.

The Green2go holding & flush tank concentrate is perfect for the Airhead Urine Bottle and as an organic seat and bowl spray.

We put a capful into the empty urine bottle and add a cup of water. It kills any urine smell and cleans the tank, eliminating the yellow/brown stain that builds up over time.

A water atomiser with 1/2 a capful added, makes a good alternative to the vinegar and water solution for a bowl and seat spray.

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