Why Choose Airhead

There are lots or reasons why you might prefer to install an Airhead Waterless toilet rather than the other options on the market. If you are looking for a system that will provide odourless operation with virtually no maintenance, you are on the right track already!

Airhead v through hull toilets or mechanical maceration systems.

The Airhead offers:

  • • no moving parts to break or repair
  • • no through hulls
  • • no pipes to block
  • • no smell
  • • increased capacity

Airhead v chemical toilets

  • • no smell
  • • no chemicals (!)
  • • no holding tank other than the compost chamber and the small urine bottle
  • • no pump out stations required


Airhead v 'the other' mobile compost toilet

  • Separate comfortable household size seat and lid ('they' have NO seat - you sit on the rim of the tank!)
  • Fully sealed seat for shower combo
  •  NO exposure of solids tank when you need to empty the urine (thus reducing the chance of compost fly infestation, not to mention user convenience)
  • The sold tank can be mounted up against the hull or wall (others require space for the seat to angle back when fully open.)
  • Round tank with asymmetrical marine grade stainless steel crank and handle provide superior integration of organic matter, paper and soil.
  • Round tank with smooth sides and no corners = easier emptying

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