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NEW! Green2go JUST WEE Concentrate- FOR WHEN ONLY URINE IS PRESENT!A highly concentrated, powerful, organic treatment for URINE in all porta-pottie...
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Marine Composting Toilet

Only available in Australia from
A Better Way To Go.

NO odour
NO through hulls
NO pump out stations required.
NO Chemicals
NO Water - No Flush
NO environmental impact
Turns waste into compost is 3-4 months
AIRHEAD is a better way to go!

It is illegal to pump out toilet effluent anywhere in Victorian waters, or within 1 nautical mile in NSW - 3 in QLD! An Airhead marine composting toilet is a fraction of the price of a holding tank & easier to install! 

Specifically designed for boats, yachts, houseboats.

Also perfect for:
• Caravans, Fifth Wheelers, Mobile Homes
• Cabins
• Horse floats


The Airhead dry toilet separates liquids from solids, so the volume of waste is significantly reduced and odour is eliminated. With a combination of agitation, desiccation and decomposition, solid matter is rendered non-offensive inside the large tank. The simple and efficient composting system, turns the solid waste into compost in just a few months, ready to be dug into the garden, put into a larger compost system, or tipped down a commercial composting toilet.

The unit has an integral 12 volt fan (.06 amp) that provides a constant negative pressure to pull moisture from the tank and provide air flow that aids in the composting process. A solar vent may be purchased separately to eliminate power draw, or an AC adaptor will easily convert for 240 volt use. Day/Night Solar Vent - 215/80mm

The Airhead will hold approximately 60 uses, providing 2 people with one months continual use or 3 months weekend use. When used intermittently, it may take much longer before emptying is required. Each time you return, you will find that the contents has greatly reduced (composted) and the capacity is increased.

Much like a household toilet the Airhead has a bowl and an actuator which provides a waterless ‘flush’. An optional paper bowl liner acts as a carrier for solid matter on its way to the solids tank and keeps the bowl clean.
Liquids are collected in the smaller forward tank which can be emptied into any standard commode. The liquid tank will hold approximately 10 litres (2-3 days use for 2 people).

The compact design makes the Airhead ideal for tight spaces. And the standard household size seat ensures personal comfort!


Airhead is the ONLY Marine Composting Toilet with -

Seals under seat & lid - suits shower/toilet combination
• Separate seat and lid (NOT part of the toilet bowl mould) which means men can lift the seat and stand to 'pee'.
• Wood Composite (white) seat and lid - durable and comfortable!
• Fully sealed solids tank - no need to expose solids when urine tank is emptied
• Small footprint - 480mm x 470mm;
Even smaller (380mm x 470mm) if rachet is used instead of crank handle
• Fan is mounted on roof to pull air through the system, providing more efficient air circulation.
• Roof mounting of fan housing allows for optional stand alone solar vent for fan operation. Day/Night Solar Vent - 215/80mm
Consumables are included: 1 Coir Peat and 50 Bowl Liners included in purchase price.


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Under-the-seat waste processing eliminates the costly installation of holding tanks and treatment systems. There’s no need to modify your boat or caravan for installation of the Airhead, because installation is simple:

  1. Bolt the unit to the floor

  2. Provide vent to the outside

  3. Connect the 12 volt fan to a power source.

The Air Head uses no moving rubber parts and all components are environmentally stable, so it is likely that no maintenance other than emptying and external cleaning will be required for years. 

Click here to download installation instructions: Air-Head-Instructions_2014.pdf

Click here to download our Airhead brochure. AirHead-A-Better-Way-To-Go.pdf

Watch this You Tube to see how easy it is to install an Airhead on a boat. Highlights Of An Airhead Toilet Boat Installation - Music Video


Designed to fit into compact areas. For example, the area designated for standard ‘marine head’.

  • Width: 470mm including clearance for crank handle*

  • Depth: 480mm

  • Height: 880mm - seat up;   860mm - lid up; 500mm - lid closed

*Width can be reduced to 370mm by using the Crank Rachet fiting. Crank Ratchet Fitting


  • Solids base tank/agitator (with liquid sealed shaft).

  • Vented bowl

  • Liquids tank with capacity indicator

  • 12 Volt exhaust fan assembly

  • 1500mm x 50mm Ventilation Hose with inline filter

  • Storage Lid

  • 50 bowl liners

  • Start-up Core Peat pack

  • Enzyme Sachet

  • Assembly and operating instructions


  • Heavy rotomolded high density resin (6mm thick solid tank).

  • Stainless steel crank, brackets and hardware.

  • The unit has rubber seals to ensure pleasant service, even in a shower/head combination.

  • The seat is standard household size.

Electrical Requirement: 0.06 amp; 12 volt DC

5 Year Manufacturers Warranty


  • You must choose location A or B for crank arm location.

  • Exhaust hose comes unattached so you may choose which side when you are installing the unit.

  • Exterior vent cap is not included. Everyone's application is different so it is best to choose one that suits your situation. Ask us for advise.

  • Use Green2Go JUST WEE in the urine bottle: Put 60ml in an empty Urine Bottle and add 1 cup of water. The nasty urine smell will be eliminated and the brown stain that urine can leave, will vanish!
    A water atomiser with 20ml added, makes a good alternative to the vinegar and water solution for a bowl and seat spray. 
    Green2Go Just Wee

Optional solar vent.
A solar vent will eliminate the need for another power source. Day/Night Solar Vent - 215/80mm

Cleaning Tips:
Add 60ml of Green2Go(TM) JUST WEE BioBacterial Concentrate to the urine tank to eliminate stains and urine odour. Add 10ml to an atomiser and fill with water, and use as a seat and bowl spray.

Read more: 

Click here to go to the Comments & Blog page for customer feedback. Airhead Waterless Composting Toilet 

Click here to read some blogs posted by customers who have installed an Airhead. Customer installations

Click here to read an article submitted to Cruising Helmsman by Airhead owner Wendy Smith in New Zealand.

Remember to choose 'A' or 'B'  for crank arm location when ordering. (Choose 'options' from the drop down menu. Angled solids tank option - check availability before ordering.)

A = crank on left side when you face the toilet (right side when seated)

B = crank on right side when you face the toilet (left side when seated)

Please Contact us to check stock availability, delivery cost & time. 

Price: AUD $1,650.00 (inc. GST)

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Price: AUD $27.95 (inc. GST)

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Additional Solids Tank

Optional extra Airhead solids tank.

Provides for tank rotation, while other full tank is composting.

Ideal for liveaboards where continual use means the matter isn't fully composted when full.

Includes tank and stainless...

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Additional Airhead liquid tank

Optional extra Airhead liquid tank.

Provides liquid tank rotation, so that the Airhead remains in commission when the first liquid tank is full, such as during the night or when emptying the first tank is not convenient.

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Bowl Liners

Pack of 150 liners.

(3pks of 50)

For Airhead Composting Toilet.

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Core Peat Bricks

Pack of 3 core peat bricks.

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Crank Ratchet Fitting

For use with the Airhead toilet.

Replaces existing crank handle to allow the crank to be turned with a 10mm socket spanner. Reduces overall width required from 470mm to 370mm.

(Socket spanner not included.)

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Day/Night Solar Vent - 215/80mm

Solar powered vent with rechargable battery for 24 hour operation.

Suitable for many applications, including marine installations.
Ideal alternative independant power source for the Airhead dr...

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