Separett Bio-degradable bags

Single roll of 10 bags

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For use with

  • Separett Villa 9000/9010/9011
  • Separett Weekender
  • Camping Rescue
  • Rescue


Separett Compostable waste bags are designed to endure the conditions inside the toilet and during the storage period. They will slowly disintegrate in the ground or in a composter.

Please change the bag in your toilet at least every month. Longer may see bag decomposition.

Opaque nature provides privacy.


10 rolls per roll.

Size: 30 Litres

Shelf life: 2 years.

Storage: Store in a cool place away from moisture. 


By: on 29 November 2018
Well we had our first bucket empty day yesterday and I have to say, it was rather easy! The bag was easy to tie up in the bucket & I placed the lid on while still in the unit. It was easy to remove from the unit & carry. The bag was full to say the least after a week servicing a family of 4 adults....full to the brim in fact...but the bags are strong & because we have a unit with a urine diverter, the bag was surprisingly light. We are on a farm so we choose to 'cremate' our bags each week and use the ash, the bio degradable bags are ok to do this with. We prefer to use the ash immediately in our garden & on our lawn instead of composting our waste in the bucket.... which takes several months. We compost our kitchen scraps for worms instead, but we feel it's better to burn our own waste, personal preference only. Yep these bags get a big tick from us.

Bio-degradable bags

By: on 1 February 2017
after using these bags for the last 18 months I am most impressed with the strength for such a light bag. Also with both of our Separett toilets they work better than expected. Thanks for such a great product. We save about 13000 litres of drinking water a year normally flushed away.

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