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Green2goTM Livestock Manure Pond Treatments (LMPT) are a robust and effective bacterial blend specially formulated to decrease odours, solids and sludge accumulation in animal waste ponds - without toxic chemicals or invasive and costly machinery.

How they work:

Billions of robust, application specific microbes, thrive by eating the manure of cows, pigs and other domestic farm animals. 

‘Bad’ or anaerobic bacteria thrive on low light (dark) environments that are low in oxygen levels. They accumulate deep in the pond, turning organic matter into fine particles and sending them to the surface, where they form a crust and block the sunlight. The bottom of the pond becomes an odourous sludge where the ‘bad’ bacteria multiply.

The 'good' aerobic bacteria in Green2goTM consume the surface crust, letting the light back into the pond, increasing oxygen levels and restoring the natural balance.

The result is a clearer pond, without odour. The nutrient rich water can then be used as a liquid fertiliser on pastures.

The optimised proprietary bacterial consortium in Green2goTM degrades a broader spectrum of substrates than other treatments. By reducing the ammonia compounds and other by-products of organic animal waste, the source of odours is eliminated.

The results are:
- decreased solid and sludge build-up
- quick and effective odour reduction by elimination the source of odours
- modification of nutrients to provide pasture fertiliser
- significant redution in waste volume
- enhanced BOD/COD/TSS* removal

Green2goTM Livestock Manure Pond Treatments liquefy ponds to facilitate easier pump out for pasture spreading.
They contain
 a high concentration of spores and vegetative bacteria for use in aerated livestock manure ponds in abattoirs, dairy farms, piggeries etc. By treating the organic matter, they reduce biological oxygen demand, odour, suspended solids, fats, oils and grease, sludge volume, surfactants and H2S.

Green2goTM Livestock Manure Pond Crust Busta 1000X 
 is a liquid formulation containing 1000 times the concentration of spores and vegetative bacteria, and is designed to break the crust in heavily loaded, aerated livestock manure ponds in abattoirs, dairy farms, piggeries etc. Following treatment with 'Crust Busta' the pond can be treated with a maintenance program of Green2go Livestock Manure Pond (Powder) treatment.

Green2goTM Livestock Manure Pond Treatment is a granular compound best suited to ponds with a low - medium biological load. If heavy load is present in the pond, treat with 'Crust Busta' first.

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Manufactured under strict quality control standards to ensure quality and purity.

*Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) All natural waterways contain bacteria and nutrient. Introduced waste compounds will initiate biochemical imbalances. Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) Oxidizable chemicals (such as reducing chemicals) introduced into water will similarly initiate chemical reactions. Total Suspended Solids (TSS).