Separett Villa - care and cleaning

Here are some hints to help you get the most from your 
Separett Villa Series waterless toilet.


1. You might like to adjust the urine separating seat backwards or forwards for improved convenience. For some women, this adjustment makes a lot of difference and it is so easy to do. Simply lift the top section and lock into the upright position. At the back of the underside of the seat there are 2 yellow nuts. Loosen them and lower the top section. Move the seat forwards or backwards to suit. Lift the top section and tighten the screws.

  2. Remember to ensure that your feet are flat on the floor when seated on the Villa. This will help to ensure that urine flows forward.

3. The collar that separates the urine reservoir from the rear of the seat can be removed for cleaning.


4. The Separett Bio Drain Blocks are designed to be used in the urine reservoir. One block will slowly dissolve and deposit a small amount of biodegradable enzymes into the urine pipe. This helps to remove the urine salt deposits and stop blockages that can build up over time in the urine hose of a waterless system. 

They have a mild lemon scent that keeps your toilet smelling sweet.

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  5. The fan removes stale air from the bin area, as well as moisture. It also creates a negative pressure and helps to discourage flying insects. So it is important that the fan is running at all times, when there is solid matter in the bin under the seat.