Shower Cleaner No Chemicals

Green2go JustKleen® cleans hard surfaces - so you don't have to!

Our special formulation of safe bacteria cultures is designed to clean hard surfaces around the home, without chamicals.

Green2go JustKleen® removes scale, dirt & soap build-up on tiles, chrome, porcelain, stone & glass in the shower, bathroom, laundry, toilet & many other areas around the home without the need for scrubbing... & without toxic chemicals! 

Just spray - and leave to air dry!

Green2go JustKleen® contains safe bacteria strains, that keep working long after you spray. So the more you use it in the shower and other areas around the home, the cleaner your surfaces will become.

Even works on urine and body fluids, so it is perfect for the toilet seat and bowl and even the floor, where urine can accumulate, removing the source of odours, so your toilet smells clean and fresh.

Contains safe strains of bacilus bacteria - not just enzymes. So it keeps working long after you spray. 


Although safe to use and safe for the environment - JustKleen® it is not suitable for food preparation areas.