Waste Water & Cleaning

Managing waste water without toxic chemicals is a better way to go!

The water we discard ends up back in the environment, along with any toxic chemicals that are used to clean or control odours.This has a direct impact on both our environment and on our own health.

Green2go offers a range of natural treatments that use safe, naturally occuring bacteria, to consume the suspended waste, reduce sludge and odours. There is even a product to clean hard surfaces around your home.

All of our products are safe for the environment, safe for septic systems and safe for you.

How they work:

Safe, active cultures of beneficial bacteria, digest and accelerate the breakdown of waste material and eliminate the source of offensive odours. The products are virtually odourless. So forget stinking, chemical additives!

Green2go Concentrates keep working for as long as there is a food source present.

Our NEW IMPROVED formulations feature a 3-step odour control for faster, better results:

1. Pleasant fragrance for fast and immediate odour control.

2. Molecule encapsulation binds odour-causing waste, to lock in odours and provide prolonged odour control.

3. The bacteria in G2go products then go to work digesting and eliminating the source of nasty odours.

Now you can forget toxic chemical based products that are dangerous to handle and hazardous to our waterways. Green2go Concentrates are safe for you - and safe for the environment!


  • Will not harm PVC plumbing
  • Contains NO ammonia, methyl alcohol or formaldehyde. Free of all known carcinogens.
  • Not tested on animals
  • Non-volatile and non-flammable

Green2go - that's A Better Way To Go!