For portable toilets & grey water

Green2goTM tank concentrates are especially designed for use in portable toilets, holding tanks and grey water tanks.

Designed to remove odour without impacting on the environment, Green2goTM tank concentrates are formulated using safe, beneficial bacteria to breakdown waste without the use of harmful chemicals. And they continue working until the tank is emptied, so repeat dosing is not required while organic matter remains in the tank!

Many chemical additives only mask odours, and require repeated dosing every few days.
Products that only contain enzymes, may also require repeated dosing, as enzymes have a finite life cycle.
Green2goTM products contain safe strains of especially formulated active bacillius bacteria, which produce enzymes as they multiply, to provide prolonged odour management.

'3-way odour control'
1. A pleasant, non-invasive fragrance provides immediate odour control, while the active bacteria in Green2goTM products has time to become active.
2. Once 'up to speed', the microbes encapsulate the waste molecules, preventing odours from releasing.
3. The odour causing waste is then consumed, eliminating the source of odours, leaving your tank pleasant to manage or empty.

• Septic tank safe! Works with fresh or salt water.
• Will not harm PVC plumbing
• Contains NO ammonia, methyl alcohol or formaldehyde. Free of all known carcinogens.
• Not tested on animals.
• Non volatile. Non flammable.
• Concentrated - so you use less & storage space and weight is minimised.