For septic tanks & drains

The natural, bio-bacterial solution to smelly, sluggish or blocked septics and drains! 

New & improved formulations, featuring 3-Step odour control!

Powerful, organic, bacteria based products that are safe to use and safe for the environment.

Green2goTM products contain safe, active cultures of beneficial bacteria, that digest and accelerate the breakdown of waste material, and eliminate the source of offensive odours. The products are virtually odourless. So forget stinking, chemical additives! 
Green2goTM Concentrates keep working for as long as there is a food source present.

• For smelly septics: Green2Go Septic Tank Maintenance.
• For blocked or sluggish septics: Green2go Septic Tank Emergency Care.
• For smelly, sluggish or blocked drains: Green2Go Drain & Trap Treatment.