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A highly concentrated, powerful, organic treatment for


  • cassette & cartridge style toilets
  • black water holding tanks
  • porta-potties

Chemical FREE! Safe for you - and safe for the environment!

Works with fresh or salt water flush.

Just one application per tankfull. NO repeated treatments are required until your tank is emptied! 

Time is your friend! Because this product contains natural bacteria, the longer it remains in the tank, the better the result.
For best results, allow 3 or more days before emptying.

Prior to first use: Green2goTM contains beneficial bacillus bacteria that will die if mixed with chemicals. Prior to use, flush thoroughly with clean water to ensure holding tank is clean of any residue from previously used chemical products.

Bowl & Toilet surface cleaner:  Chemical bowl cleaners and wipes contain chemicals that will destroy the 'good' bacteria in Green2goTM Concentrates. We recommend adding 20ml of G2Go Holding & Flush to a clean spray bottle and fill with water. Shake well and use as a general surface and bowl cleaner to keep toilet clean and smelling fresh.

See 'Specifications' for dose rates.


Dose rate: 

For portable cassette style toilets & porta-potties: 
Add 10ml per 20L tank capacity, to a clean toilet cassette or holding tank.
Add 20ml to the flush tank (optional). Alternatively, use the product in an atomiser to spray bowl area.
Apply a 'flush' to add water to the holding tank, to activate.

For larger holding tanks:
40ml per initial 200L.
Then add 10ml per 50L additional tank capacity.
Example: for a 500L tank, dose = 40 + (500 - 200) x 10/50 = 100ml


Storage: Our products contain live bacteria strains - not chemicals. Please store below 40C away from direct sunlight, for no more than 2 years from batch date. If liquid becomes discoloured, this is an indication that the bacteria is nolonger active.

Best product ever.

15 March 2023
Have been using this product for years, is the absolute best for having a holding tank with absolutely no smell!! Recommend this to anyone in the boating game.

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