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Quantity Image Name Price
Froli Travel Single Bed kit Froli Travel Single Bed kit
Suits 92cm x 187cm mattress
In stock
Froli Travel Double Bed Kits Froli Travel Double Bed Kits
Suits 138cm x 188cm mattress
In stock
Froli Travel Queen Bed Kit Froli Travel Queen Bed Kit
Suits 153cm x 203cm mattress
In stock
Froli King Bed Kit Froli King Bed Kit
Suits 183cm x 203cm mattress
In stock
Froli Travel Kit - Standard V Berth Froli Travel Kit - Standard V Berth
In stock
Froli Travel Kit - Large V Berth Froli Travel Kit - Large V Berth
In stock

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Choose from our standard bed kits

  • Single Bed Kit
  • Double Bed Kit
  • Queen Bed Kit
  • King Bed Kit
  • V Berth
  • Large V Berth

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Kit Sizes

  Single Bed Double Bed Queen Bed King Bed V Berth Large V Berth
  90mm x 190mm 140mm x 190mm 155mm x 205mm      
Bases 55 88 108 132 60 72
Regular Springs 45 72 90 110 46 56
Soft Springs 10 16 18 22 14 16
1/2 Bases 0 0 0 0 12 12
1/2 Springs 0 0 0 0 12 12
Tensioners 10 16 18 22 12 14






Froli in a Trayon camper.

By: on 19 October 2017
We recently purchased a Froli Bed Kit. We installed the Froli Bed Kit in our Trayon Camper. On our first night away we had a great sleep. Thanks very much it's a great product. Regards, Sharon & Grant, Vic.

Couldn't be happier with our Froli.

By: on 19 July 2016
We have had our Froli for over a year and couldn't be happier. With your design we found it took us less than an hour to fit together. Both of us get a good night's sleep and find it as comfortable as our expensive mattress at home. Being able to adjust the level of firmness ensures you can find the right comfort level for different needs. We have also found that having the air circulating underneath in an enclosed space has prevented any mouldy smell occurring.

Froli - a wonderful improvement!

By: on 19 July 2016
I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful improvement the Froli bed springs have made to both the berths on our yacht. No more saggy foam mattresses and uncomfortable nights' sleep. I found the system very simple to install and assemble and had it done in just a couple of hours. Many thanks again for all your help.

Froli under a settee.

By: on 19 July 2016
Happy to report that we have had a successful installation over the weekend. Whilst the Froli bases are not ideal under the settee, they haven't proven too intrusive, and are comfortable enough to sit on. The cushions are still stable and it certainly worked for the few days we spent aboard. My partner didn't realise they where there until a few hours later! And any inconvenience soon disappears after feeling a real transformation in comfort when in bed mode! An average bed has been upgraded to extremely comfortable. Many thanks for your help, and will be happy to recommend the system to my many peers in the marine industry.

Happy 'crew' member!

By: on 19 July 2016
We've had our Froli installed in our 'V' berth now for about a year, on the medium setting, and my husband is very happy with the result! I was also quite happy that it made a considerable difference but was still less comfortable than in our bed at home. This Christmas, I adjusted just my side from medium (the middle hole) to the 'Soft' setting (first hole) and WOW!! I wasn't expecting much of a difference - but I was amazed! It now feels just like our very expensive mattress at home! I am a VERY happy crew member now. FYI: I weigh approx 60kg; hubbie weighs approx 100kg. Our cushions are quite firm, and about 100mm high. Hope this helps others out there!

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